Our services for Family Offices

Managing the complexities of private wealth requires great oversight and the ability to administer a wide range of solutions in a rapidly changing global community. We deliver high-quality, tailored private clients and family office services that meet your personal wealth management. Our tailored services provide flexibility to meet your needs and are easily adaptable to your changing requirements.
Our services for Family Offices
Our experienced professionals provide asset administration for a wide variety of asset classes and investment vehicles including fund in fund structures and the consolidated reporting provides you with an accurate and up to date overview of your assets. 

Your investment committee and investors have access to a data rich consolidated asset management report including the investment performance at the various levels of the portfolio, with and without benchmarks and before or after costs.  The performance results meet the required industry standards such as TWR, Modified Dietz and IRR. For private equity investments we also report the money multiples such as TVPI and DVPI.

We provide transfer agency services to a wide variety of fund structures and asset classes. We distribute secure notices, financial statements and investor reports timely and accurately for every participant part of your family plan. 

  • Financial statement preparations
We support you in preparing the draft annual financial statements according to applicable accounting standards.