Asset managers

We offer a customized single-source solution for asset managers that extends beyond our core fund administration services. Our comprehensive support includes delivering tailored portfolio reporting and regulatory reporting, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.
Asset managers
Fund managers often find themselves burdened with the day-to-day administration tasks, which detracts from their primary objective of generating returns for investors. To alleviate this challenge, our experienced internal teams are dedicated to maintaining the books and records for fund of funds structures. We also ensure accurate reconciliation with the statements from brokers or custody agents, allowing fund managers to refocus on their key investment strategies.

Alongside our core fund administration services, we offer customized reporting and portfolio monitoring, designed to free you up to concentrate on your core business operations. Our portfolio and performance reports furnish detailed insights into concentrations and investments, encompassing periodic performance results. These are calculated using industry-standard methodologies such as Time-Weighted Return (TWR), Modified Dietz, and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and include well-recognized money multiples like Total Value to Paid-In (TVPI) and Distributions to Paid-In (DVPI).

We provide regulatory reporting solutions enabling you to comply with the regulations in the Netherlands or at the European level such as EIOPA. Our services entail MESRAP/MER, ANNEX IV (AIFMD), FATCA & CRS and SFDR reporting services.

  • Financial statement preparation
We have a dedicated team of accounting experts committed to preparing financial statements for our clients' fund entities. Our team diligently compiles the unaudited financial statements, ensuring they adhere to the applicable accounting standards.