ESG compliance services

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) brings new challenges, including new reporting obligations. These regulations are still young and subject to change, but it is still necessary to take steps in collecting the necessary data. ITS offers several practical solutions to provide you with the data you need to monitor your ESG strategy alignment
ESG compliance services
  • Exclusion monitoring
ITS screens your look-through portfolio against exclusion lists that are commonly used in the industry. We only need your latest look-through portfolio reported to the regulator in the FTK or QRT format and within a number of hours we provide you with a list of investments that deserve your attention.  ITS uses a continuous updated list of exclusions that is commonly used by many market participants.  

  • Principle adverse impact reports (SFDR)
Financial market participants have the obligation to perform a principle adverse impact screening 4 times a year based on the investments in the portfolio.  ITS can support you in collecting these ESG metrics or indicators and reconcile these to your (look-through) portfolio. You will receive an aggregated score in the required format at the (sub)portfolio level.