Our services

Our single-source solution enables us to deliver an extensive range of services across the full value chain, to Asset Managers, Financial Institutions and Family Offices. We continually improve and evolve our capabilities to offer a broad range of services, including (fund)portfolio administration, management reporting and regulatory reporting services. These services are tailored to each client on the bases of the required target operating model.
Our services
Portfolio (Fund) administration is where our business started and is the cornerstone of our single-source solution offering. For more than 20 years, we have continually evolved and enhanced our ability to deliver timely, accurate and independent administration services that our clients love. Our fully integrated global fund administration solution supports you with financial information, multi-currency transaction processing and flexible valuation periods.

For reporting to your investment committee, we calculate the portfolio performance at the total and at the level of the various sub-portfolios with and without benchmarks and before or after costs. We also draw up an extensive report so that you have full insight into the development of your assets and the results of your investments. 

We provide transfer agency services to a wide variety of fund structures and asset classes. We distribute secure notices, financial statements and investor reports timely and accurately for every participant part of your family plan. 

We unburden you completely when drawing up the reports to the supervisory authority. This concerns the MESRAP/MER, ANNEX IV (AIFMD) and the known solvency reports for various financial industries. The final reports are online available in the required taxonomy for your board office or other service providers, including the full view of your look-through portfolio details. This guarantees that your actuary is well served.

Our look-through solution increases visibility of your underlying fund portfolio investments. We collect the look-through for all the investment funds in which you invest directly from the fund asset manager. Not only a necessity for supervisory reports but also useful for compliance with your ESG policy. 

For those financial institutions who have less influence over their assets invested in mutual fund portfolios we provide a periodic ESG screening service. This service offers a detailed screening of your investments against your personal ESG exclusions or the ITS generic exclusions list. By streamlining the dataset already available for your periodic supervisory reports combined with accurate ESG data ITS can provides your ESG data in a report aligned to the SFDR template in just a few steps.