Portfolio, performance, and risk reports

We create transparent reports that provide you with all the necessary detail to monitor your portfolio strategy and to inform your investors accurately and timely. When required also look-through data is available to manage the concentration risks effectively.
Portfolio, performance, and risk reports
Portfolio, performance & risk reports 
Your investors and/or investment committee has access to a data rich consolidated asset management report including the investment performance at the various levels of the portfolio, with and without benchmarks and before or after costs.  The performance results meet the required industry standards such as TWR, Modified Dietz and IRR. For private equity Investments we also report the money multiples such as TVPI (Total value to Paid in ratio), DVPI (distributed value to paid in ratio) and RVPI (Residual value to paid in ratio). Please also ask for our flexible reporting services if you are attached to a specific format or lay-out. 

Our reports contain amongst others: 
- Development of the portfolio valuation across months and quarters
- Concentrations towards asset types, sector, region and currency
- Strategic asset allocations weighings vs current portfolio NAV's 
- MTD, YTD, Annualised 1,3,5 years and SI investment performance across sub portfolio's
- Investment performance inclusive and exclusive investment costs
- Benchmark comparisons
- Gross and net currency exposures
- Overview of capital transactions, investment transactions and corporate actions 

If you are exposed to specific solvency regulations we could also provide the necessary exposures, concentrations and market stress tests based on actual instrument cashflows and look-through data.